Complete Development Cycle

The SHEAR BITS development cycle was designed to provide a complete solution for drill bit performance enhancement. Proprietary methods and systems have been developed to maximize the results of each stage in the cycle, and the overall development process has been streamlined to allow industry-leading response time.

Stage 1: Application Evaluation

The first step towards a successful PDC bit run is to thoroughly evaluate the intended application. This process includes analyzing log information (gamma, sonic, mud), BHA details, mud details, drive system characteristics and offset bit run information (ideally including foot by foot data). This is a key area where there is no substitute for experience - the SHEAR BITS team has decades of experience analyzing applications and gleaning information from offset data. A detailed analysis of the types of bits used, and the performance of those bits in different formations and sections of the interval, is key information to understanding how to improve performance.

The foundation of the development cycle is built upon the teachings of previous applications. A proper application evaluation can make or break a successful future bit run - the more detailed the offset data, the greater the chance of creating a step change in bit performance.

Stage 2: PDC Cutter Technology

SHEAR BITS practices continuous development of PDC cutters through close relationships with PDC cutter research & development engineers. By constantly developing and evaluating new cutter technology, we can ensure that each bit is fitted with the best cutters for each application.

As important as the quality and characteristics of the PDC cutter itself is matching the characteristics of the cutter with the design characteristics of the drill bit to meet the challenges of the drilling application. SHEAR BITS specifically develops new PDC bit design concepts to make the most out of the given strengths of the each PDC cutter configuration. Additionally, every bit is custom built with the optimal PDC cutter for the application. Prior to sending a bit to the field, the SHEAR BITS team analyzes the application, selects or creates the best bit design for the application, then builds the bit with the best PDC cutter for that bit design. It is this comprehensive approach to the PDC drill bit system that allows SHEAR BITS to set record after record for drilling performance.

Stage 3: Bit Design Technology

The key to an effective development cycle is the ability to implement it for as many applications as possible. If a new bit design takes months to create, then bit design cannot be part of a rapid development cycle. That is why the SHEAR BITS design team works so hard to produce new designs and design modifications in days, not months. From the time a design requirement is identified until a new bit is making hole is commonly less than 3 weeks.

Stage 4: Run Planning & Optimization

Communicating a detailed run plan to the operator is a crucial part of performance optimization with novel products. Even the best possible bit design, with the best possible PDC cutter, will be subject to a poor run if the bit is not run properly - especially when the design is quite different from conventional drill bits.

In order to maximize the opportunity for success, SHEAR BITS works directly with our customers to ensure that operating parameters are matched to the bit design and application details. In many cases, running a unique bit design requires a unique approach to run parameters - but when the recipe is followed correctly, record performance is often the result.

Another very important aspect of the pre-job planning is a hydraulic analysis of the application - in many applications, jetting the bit with the correct configuration of nozzles can make as much as a 30-50% difference in the resulting ROP. This is why a hydraulic recommendation is part of our run planning package.

Stage 5: Performance / Dull Bit Review

At this point in the process, a very detailed review is performed of the condition of the dull bit, including all known application details (i.e. the multitude of variables mentioned previously: BHA, drive system, mud, formation, run parameters, etc.). Ideally, this review begins at the rig site and includes the input of the rig crew - understanding all of the circumstances surrounding each run is key to maximizing the lessons learned from the run. That information is then used to drive the development of the next bit to be run in the application.

The development cycle never ends with SHEAR BITS - as new PDC cutters are developed, and new model geometries are created, bit design technology is modified to match these variables to the target application. We work harder to analyze applications, develop new PDC cutters, rapidly produce new bit designs, plan future runs and review applications to provide improvements for your next well.